About me

Hey, I'm Henrique 👋

I'm a software engineer from Brazil with 4 years of experience, currently working as a Frontend Engineer at a fintech named PagBank and side projects. I'm also majoring in Software Engineering.

I'm passionate about every kind of art, including music, movies, HQ's, and of course, coding.

This combination of interests is what keep me interested in always learning something and creating new projects. Is really awesome what we can do these days with the internet and the tools we have available.

It's been 4 years since I started working with React and JavaScript. I'm also a big fan of TypeScript and Next.js. When I'm not writing React code, I'm experimenting a lot writing Backend code with Node and Go.

Following the steps of 92,5% of developers that I know, I'm also a musician. I play drums since I was 12 years old and guitar/bass for the past 2 years.

My timeline

  • Started my degree in Software Engineer at UNICESUMAR 🎓2022
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    JAN 2022 - PRESENT
    Working at PagBank 🪙As a Front end Engineer, I work at the PagBank project, a digital bank for the PagSeguro ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to work with a product that is scalable and uses many advanced concepts of architecture.
  • Interrupted my Computer Engineer degree to focus on my career2020
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    SEP 2020 - JAN 2022
    Worked at Loomi 🚀As a Front end Engineer and Tech Lead, I worked at more than 15 projects for national and international clients. It was a great experience to work with a team of talented people and to learn a lot about the software development process.
  • Moved to Recife 🇧🇷JUN 2018
  • Got my first job as a UI Designer 🎨JUN 2018
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    SEP 2016
    Started my Computer Engineer degree 🎓Studied at the Federal University of Vale do São Francisco (UFSC) in Petrolina 🇧🇷
    CJavaAlgorithmsData StructuresSoftware EngineerObject Oriented Programming
  • Got my first drum set 🥁2011
  • My dad gave me my first computer 🖥️2006
  • Little Henrique was born 🐣MAR 1999